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What is the Gloo Project?
GLOO stands for Gestalt in Woolloomooloo. Originally the brainchild of Tanya Dawson, GLOO was originally setup to provide free or affordable therapy to those in need of ongoing support in their recovery from addictions. Originally consisting of a small group of trained Gestalt psychotherapists with training in both addictions and the 12-step model, we have grown into a community of therapists that include Gestalt and other modalities.

Who can access our service?
Anyone who is in recovery from an addiction (drugs, alcohol, SLA), and who is actively engaged in or has completed an addictions program in one of the recognised addictions clinics/centres, is potentially eligible for our service. Each therapist on our list of therapists provides a number of free or affordable spaces in their own practice. You can read the profiles of our therapists on this website then contact one or more of the therapists. The therapist will determine if you are a good match to work with them (depending on your presenting issues, their current caseload, level of experience, etc.) and will then book an appointment with you, or will refer you to another more suitable therapist.

What do we offer?
Once you have booked a session, you will be provided with a 50-60 minute session, once or twice a week (frequency determined between you and the therapist) where you can work with the therapist on your presenting issues. These sessions can continue on an extended basis, depending on your needs. Many of our therapists have been seeing clients for several years or more and the clients highly value these sessions.

What else?
We also offer free or affordable spaces to workshops run by the members of our community. These workshops cover a wide variety of topics with a connection to well-being such as: improving relationships, spirituality, mindfulness, stress reduction, art therapy, psycho-education on recovery from addictions, etc. Some of our therapists also run their own therapy groups and you could potentially join one of these groups.

Mission Statement
We are not an organisation and receive no government funding. All of our services are provided by our members on a voluntary basis. We are a community who believe in giving something back to society.

New Clients
When you are ready you can view Therapist profiles and contact a therapist directly.


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